[Event] Paper, Print and Cyberspace: UBC Buddhist Studies Forum Oct. 4-5

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.07.24 AM

Dharma Drum Vancouver Center (DDVC) is pleased to co-sponsor “A Local Workshop on a Global Network” with the UBC Buddhist Stdies Forum on October 4th and 5th of 2015. The keynote speeches will be given on October 4th by Dr. T. H. Barrett of the University of London, and Dr. Masahiro Shimoda of the University of Tokyo at the Dharma Drum Vancouver Center. These speeches will be followed by a series of presentations and panel discussions on October 5th by several prominent scholars at the UBC St. John’s College. The workshop is open to the academic community and general public.  Admission is free. For further information about the presentations and registration, please visit: http://www.ddmba.ca/ddmba/upcoming_special.php?id=92

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