2015 VIFF Repeats – Nonfiction Features: Hannah: Buddhism’s Untold Journey (Oct. 13, 2015)

(UK, 2014, 91 mins, DCP)
Canadian Premiere
FEATURING Esther Fallon, Villads Vestergaard
EXEC Peter Penny, Jon Ayres, Adam Penny, Marta György-Kessler
PROD Adam Penny, Marta György-Kessler
SCR Adam Penny, Marta György-Kessler
CAM Guy Nisbett
ED Simon Barker, Hamish Lyons
MUS Tom Hickox, Chris Hill
PROD CO Connected Pictures


Oct 13 04:00 pm
In the late 60s, India experienced a veritable Western invasion as outsiders flooded over the border in hopes of finding enlightenment. And while The Beatles may’ve been the highest-profile pilgrims, it was a young Danish woman named Hannah Nydahl who ultimately proved to be the most influential. She and her new husband Ole were the first westerners to study under His Holiness the 16th Karmapa and then spread his teachings abroad. Part biography, part adventure film and part love story, Adam Penny and Marta György-Kessler’s well-crafted and engaging documentary takes us through India, Nepal, the Far East and Europe as it celebrates the life and work of a true pioneer.

“In creating this film we wanted to make something that was like no other Buddhist documentary. We wanted a documentary that not only expressed the vibrancy and freedom of Hannah and Ole’s work but also the depth of what it means to live the Buddhist teachings in modern society… But first and foremost we wanted to convey the power and inspiration of a woman who was unique in how she lived and what she achieved.”—Adam Penny and Marta György-Kessler

“Visually, the film is a pleasure, all bleached-out dreamy Sixties photographs and lush jewel tones on tapestries, temples, and statues…”—Diana Clark, Village Voice

For more information of the event: http://www.viff.org/festival/films/f16362-hannah-buddhisms-untold-journey


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