[Call for Application] 2017-18 Winter Program: Buddhism and East Asian Cultures: An Intensive Program of Lectures Series, Conference/Forum, and Fieldwork

The Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts (DILA), Sheng-yen Education Foundation, the Buddhist Studies Center in the Humanities College at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou 廣州, China, and the Buddhist Studies Forum at the University of British Columbia (UBC-BSF) in Vancouver, Canada cordially invite applications for a 9-day program of lecture series, conference/forum, and fieldwork on Buddhism and East Asian Cultures (January 13-21, 2018) in DILA, Taiwan. 台灣法鼓文理學院、聖嚴教育基金會、中山大學人文學院佛學研究中心 (廣州)、 加拿大英屬哥倫比亞大學佛學論壇於2018年1月13-21日,假法鼓文理學院聯合舉辦「佛教與東亞宗教密集研修班」,誠邀海內外青年學子參與!

I. Venue  地點: Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts (DILA), Taiwan 台灣法鼓文理學院

II. Schedule 時間: January 13-21, 2018

  • January 13: Registration 報到, Opening Ceremony 開幕式, Keynote speech session for the Conference 研討會主題演講;
  • January 14-15: Conference 研討會;
  • January 16-18: Main Programs (Intensive lecture series) 密集型講座系列;
  • January 19: Young Scholars’ Forum 青年學者論壇;
  • January 20:  Tour of sacred sites in Northern Taiwan 北台灣宗教聖蹟參訪;
  • January 21: Home-going 賦歸 (participants who wish to utilize the excellent collection at DILA may apply to spend 3-7 extra days with free boarding. 有需要利用法鼓文理學院豐富藏書者,歡迎申請在課程之後多逗留數日至一週;承辦方將繼續免費提供食宿).

III. Four-part Lecture Series 四個演講系列:

The program organizers have invited three international scholars to conduct, all bilingually (English and Chinese), a three-part lecture series related to Buddhism and East Asian Culture, with each part composed of four consecutive 120-minute lectures with a general theme (over four days). These three bilingual speakers and their lecture themes are: 研修班課程邀請以下三位國際學者 (以姓氏羅馬字順序為序),中英文雙語提供3個演講系列 (每個系列圍繞一主題,每個主題涵蓋3個各120分鐘的講演,分別在三天進行):

  • Professor Jinhua Chen 陳金華 (Department of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia, Canada): Knotless Net: Identity and Network in East Asian Buddhism 無結之網: 東亞佛教中的身份與網絡問題;
  • Professor James Robson 羅柏松 (Department of East Asian Languages and Civilization, Harvard University): Buddhist Meditation: From Ideals to Realities  佛教禪定:從理想到現實;
  • Professor Barend ter Haar 田海 (Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford): Writing, Reciting and Buddhism 書寫,誦讀與佛教.

This three-part lecture series will be accompanied by a fourth of five lectures on Buddhism and East Asian cultures, to be delivered by five scholars based on Taiwan and mainland China. 除此三個雙語演講系列外,還將由五位資深的兩岸學者接力演講 (演講者另行宣佈),蟬連而成另一關於佛教與東亞文化的演講系列。

IV. Four Additional Projects 其他四項活動:

In addition to this four-part intensive lecture series, this program also sponsors the following four projects 除四個密集型的演講系列外,還將組織以下四項活動:

  1. An international conference on Chan Buddhism and Dunhuang Studies, titled “From the Caoxi Creek to Mogao Cave: Interdisciplinary Studies of Chan Buddhism and the Dunhuang Cache from Multiple Sources and Perspectives,” to be held at the DILA, January 13-15, 2018 (conference information announced at http://frogbear.org/from-the-caoxi-creek-to-mogao-cave-interdisciplinary-studies-of-chan-buddhism-and-the-dunhuang-cache-from-multiple-sources-and-perspectives/); 一個關於禪學與敦煌學的國際研討會:「從曹溪到敦煌:多重資料和不同視角下的跨學科禪宗研究和敦煌寶藏研究」,2018年1月13-15 日假台灣法鼓文理學院舉行 (研討會信息見http://frogbear.org/from-the-caoxi-creek-to-mogao-cave-interdisciplinary-studies-of-chan-buddhism-and-the-dunhuang-cache-from-multiple-sources-and-perspectives/)
  2. Young Scholars’ Forum on Buddhism and East Asian Cultures 青年學者論壇, January 19, 2018; Excellent articles may be recommended to academic journals for publication. They include the Fojiao wenxian yanjiu 佛教文獻研究 (Studies on Buddhist Texts), Foxue yanjiu 佛學研究 (Buddhist Studies), Fojiao shi yanjiu 佛教史研究(Historical Studies of Buddhism), Studies in Chinese Religions, edited by Prof. Fang Guangchang 方廣錩, Prof. Shengkai 聖凱, Prof. Sun Yinggang 孫英剛, and Prof. Jinhua Chen 陳金華, respectively. 計劃於 2018年1月19日假法鼓文理學院 舉行青年學者論壇(研討會)。部分優秀論文可推薦至國內外質優雜誌發表,包括方廣錩教授主編的《佛教文獻研究》、聖凱教授主編的《佛學研究》、孫英剛教授 主編的《佛教史研究》、以及陳金華教授編輯的Studies in Chinese Religions (社科院與英國出版社Routledge合作) 。
  3. Taste of the Dharma 禪悅: a series of 1-2 hour sessions providing monastic experiences, including seated meditation, tea-ceremony and other temple rituals 一系列旨在體驗寺院生活的禪悅活動,包括坐禪、品茶、儀軌觀摩等;
  4. Tour 參訪: Occasional visits to renowned historical sites (especially Buddhist and other religious temples and shrines) in northern part of Taiwan 參訪北台灣地區的佛寺與⽂化古蹟.

V. Applications 申請手續:

Participants are required to take part in all of the activities supported by this program, including the four-part lecture series, the Young Scholars’ Forum (paper presentations are optional, but attendance is compulsory), and monastic experience session, etc., with the only exception of field trips, the participation of which is optional. Graduate students specializing in any Buddhist tradition(s) or East Asian religions, and postdoctoral fellows working on relevant fields, are encouraged to apply. Please direct applications and inquiries to buddhistseminarandfieldwork@gmail.com. Please submit applications before October 15, 2017. Each application should include:每位學員應參加本項目所支持的所有活動 (包括演講系列、論壇[可選擇發表或不發表論文,但需列席] 、以及禪悅體驗等)。參訪則隨意。歡迎佛教與東亞宗教或相關專業的研究生以及博士後報名參與 。入學申請務必於2017 1015前提交至buddhistseminarandfieldwork@gmail.com。申請材料需包括:

  1. an application form (to be provided upon request via the above email) 申請表(可經由上述郵箱索取);
  2. an updated curriculum vitae 申請者的個人簡歷;
  3. one writing sample 寫作樣本 (發表或未發表的);
  4. a reference letter (to be emailed by the referee directly to the above email address) 一封推薦信 (需由推薦人直接电邮至以上電子郵箱).

VI. Program Expenses 課程費用:

Successful candidates will be exempted from all tuition fees. Program organizers will also provide free boarding (lodging and meals) in Taiwan during the program period, although participants are expected to cover 學費以及研修期間的食宿──免費

  1. the costs for the transportation between their home cities and Taiwan 往返學員所在地與研修地點的機票或車票費用──學員自理
  2. an administration fee of US$150 管理費 (1000元人民幣或4500元新台幣)──學員負擔.

VII. Enrollment Limit 定員: 100 名.


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