[Survey] Buddhist Council of Canada: Taking Stock and Moving Forward

Respected Canadian Buddhist colleagues:

Homage to the Buddha! Namo Amita fo! Namo amida butsu!

Hope this finds you well and happy in these challenging times! 

You are receiving this from the Buddhist Council of Canada, a federally recognized, not for profit, organization with a history of four decades (see https://buddhistcouncil.ca). It is to seek your kind input to a nation-wide survey.

It was in 1980 that World Buddhists, now in Canada, came together for the first time,  in Toronto, Ontario. The next year (1981), we held the first pan-Buddhist Wesak in North America (see photos in the Questionnaire document).  

As reflected in the title of the Survey, “TAKING  STOCK AND MOVING  FORWARD”,  we are seeking to get a sense of where we are at as Buddhists after 40 years:  
– What needs do we have, or what challenges,  as individual or collectivity?
– Can we help each other?
– Can Canada benefit more from the Buddha’s Teachings?  
It is to find answers to questions such as these, for the benefit of all, that BCC has decided to do a survey. So we respectfully invite your kind input.  

To participate, please access  the survey questionnaire by going to the link: 

Sorry, the questionnaire is long, and for that very reason in particular, it could be said to be not so tech-savvy.  So we are respectfully inviting you to simply copy it to a new email, and answer the questions that are relevant to you. And please make sure that you send us back ONLY the questionnaire section or the question(s) responded to, and not the whole document.  

Please email it to BCCTakingStock@gmail.com, by the DEADLINE of Oct. 12, 2020 (Thanksgiving Day). 

We would also thank you to share it with other Buddhists who may be interested in having their say and/or post it.  

Thank you again, and we look forward to receiving your kind input.  

Wishing you the best in health and happiness! 


Buddhist Council of Canada  

2 thoughts on “[Survey] Buddhist Council of Canada: Taking Stock and Moving Forward

  1. Good morning;

    I think the survey is a good idea and obviously quite a bit of thought went into it. Now, I may be missing something, and it isn’t my intention to be critical of someone else’s hard work, but I think the difficulty you’ll find is that there is no way to circle, highlight, tick off, checkbox, etc any of the responses you have listed. For example, even if I copy the entire document into a new email, as suggested, how do I indicate A, B, C or D as a response to any given questions? You need a ‘Fillable PDF’ if you want respondents to actually ‘tick off’ a response. As it is, I’m happy to print out the questionnaire, circle my answers, scan it into my computer and e-mail it back to you. I don’t think a lot of people will want to do that. You can expect my response in a couple of days.

    Let me know if you need help with this and I’ll happily volunteer my time to help with your next questionnaire.

    All the best, Ed

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  2. Dear Edward Horner: This is a delayed response to your kind critical comments on the survey. Possibly for the reasons shown by you, and whatever else, the survey read no responses. I am not tech savvy, and was done by someone else on. I saw your comment but then it got lost until I hit upon it accidentally today. Apologies, but thx for your interest.

    But putting all that behind, I am wondering whether you knew about the Buddhist Literary Festival organized by me held online in December and whether you participated.

    Still going past that, too, We are now in the process of reviving bcc that has not been active. So I am writing to explore if you wd be generous enough to consider my invitation to kindly consider joining the Board.

    If interested, for details, pl write to me directly at the address below.

    For some background on bcc, pl visit the recently upgraded website, buddhistcouncil.ca.

    You can go to my Bio in Home page under the Board. I am also the Founder-Editor Emeritus of cjbs.


    Ven Prof Bhikkhu Mihita


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