[Webinar] Archetypes of Mindfulness by Chris Goto-Jones

Listen to the event recording here: https://soundcloud.com/universityofvictoria/archetypes-of-mindfulness

Thursday, October 29, 5:00-6:00 p.m. PDT

Meeting URL: https://uvic.zoom.us/j/96971529046?pwd=a1JWRk-JYWVUxbUpmYUVPeGhPSHFGdz09

Mindfulness today has become a multivocal concept, meaning different things for different people. This presentation discusses four ‘archetypes of mindfulness’ that represent a range of different drives for meaning pursued by practitioners today. It considers the monk (in pursuit of spiritual attainment), the ninja (in pursuit of disciplined mastery), the scientist (in pursuit of verifiable data), and the zombie (not really in pursuit of anything at all). One of these is not an aspirational figure! Between them, these figures help to map contemporary aspirations and fears around the idea and practice of mindfulness.

Chris Goto-Jones is professor in Philosophy at UVic. He is a certified facilitator of mindfulness-based interventions and teaches the (free) online course “DeMystifying Mindfulness”, recently named ‘One of the Best Online Courses of All Time’ (ClassCentral, 2020).

Part of the CSRS Weekly Lecture Series, University of Victoria

Click here to see the poster

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