[Webinar] Buddhist Contemplative Care for End of Life Speaker Series

Dates, Speakers, Topics & Tradition

This series is free and registration is required. A Zoom link will be emailed to registrants on the morning of each talk.

About the Series

This speakers series, cosponsored by Emmanuel College’s Centre for Religion and Its Contexts, the Toronto Centre for Applied Buddhism and the Buddhist Education Foundation of Canada, is a pioneering effort to provide a platform for Canadian teachers from the three main traditions of Buddhism to address contemplative end-of-life care. Over the past fifty years, Canadians from many walks of life have become interested in Buddhism, including growing numbers of committed practitioners and students, as well as those whose curiosity has been piqued about how Buddhist wisdom can be applied to life challenges. 

This rich spiritual and philosophical system provides unique insight into the perennial questions: What is a “good death?” How can I support myself and my loved ones during this time of profound transition? What approaches to inner work and relationships can we learn that will help bring ease and confidence to end-of-life? 

Over four Saturdays from February to April, each of the invited speakers will offer a talk, followed by time for questions, that addresses common themes. Speakers are encouraged to address general Buddhist views on death and dying, focusing on their particular schools of thought; to share their spiritual tradition of caregiving and to illuminate specific practices (e.g., rituals, key texts, etc.). Additionally, they will reflect on how the relatively recent adaptation of Buddhism to Canada and the West has created frictions and creative adaptations to this ancient tradition. 

We very much hope you will join us for this exciting series. With time for experiential learning and reflection, each talk will provide a wonderful opportunity to explore the richness and diversity of Buddhism. This series will be provocative and stimulating whether you are a student, spiritual care professional or volunteer, seasoned practitioner or simply curious to learn more about end of life practices. May all beings be well, happy, peaceful and safe!

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