Book Review Editor Position Available

The Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies (CJBS) is currently looking for a candidate to fill the book review editor position. The CJBS is an online peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes annually and which is dedicated to the promotion of Canadian Buddhist scholarship. Ideally, the book review editor will serve on the journal for a minimumof two years ideally beginning in February or March of 2023. The role is a volunteer position.

The main tasks of the book review editor will include the following duties:

-To communicate with potential book reviewers and to request review copies from publishers

-To update the book review list and pertinent info on website (this includes the selection of titles that fit the journal’s needs)

-To review and copy edit book review submissions which are published in the summer of each year (there are typically 5-7 submissions)

-To coordinate publication details with the editor and journal manager

-To attend virtual meetings and provide updates for the editorial board once or twice a year 

[Note: Although the tasks listed above take place year round, the bulk of the copy-editing and peer review work will take place from April to July of each year.]

The qualifications of the book review editor’s position should include the following:

-A passion and enthusiasm for promoting scholarship in Canadian Buddhist studies

-A minimum of a Masters of Arts degree in Religious Studies or similar discipline with a focus on Buddhist Studies (an example of a similar discipline might be Anthropology of Religion); PhD students in the same field or those with a PhD in Religious Studies will be an asset. Preference will be given to Canadian scholars (though applicants with an affiliation to a Canadian University are welcome to apply; ie. a graduate from a Canadian university).

-Candidate must have strong copy editing skills (a sample writing piece will be sent to the applicant to edit as part of the selection process)

-Publication experience (either those who have published or who have served on an academic journal) will be an asset

-Proficiency in a classical Buddhist language (ie. Chinese, Pali, Sanskrit or Tibetan) will be an asset

Interested applicants should send a copy of their CV and brief cover letter to the current book review editor, Dr. Jacqueline Ho (Mount Royal University) by Feb. 8, 2023. Please include “CJBS Book Review Applicant” in the title of the email.

Please visit the CJBS’ website and book review page to preview previous publications.

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