Editor Position Available

Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies Editor Position

The Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies (CJBS) is currently looking for a candidate to fill the editor position. The CJBS is an online peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes annually and which is dedicated to the promotion of Canadian Buddhist scholarship. Ideally, the editor will serve on the journal for a minimum of two years ideally beginning in March of 2023. The role is a volunteer position.

The main tasks of the editor will include the following duties:

-To solicit and communicate with potential authors 

-To solicit peer reviewers for submissions

-To coordinate publication details with the review editor and journal manager

-To host virtual meetings and provide updates for the editorial board once or twice a year 

-To promote the journal on various social media platforms

-To support the CJBS blog and maintain connections to Canadian Buddhist Studies community

-To work with the editorial board to seek funding to support the journal (minimal funding is needed)

[Note: Although the tasks listed above take place year-round, the bulk of the copy-editing and peer review work will take place from April to July of each year.]

The qualifications of the editor’s position should include the following:

-A passion and enthusiasm for promoting scholarship in Canadian Buddhist studies

-A Ph.D. degree in Religious Studies or similar discipline with a focus on Buddhist Studies (an example of a similar discipline might be Anthropology of Religion); ABD will be considered. Preference will be given to Canadian scholars (though applicants with an affiliation to a Canadian University are welcome to apply; i.e., a graduate from a Canadian university).

-Candidates must have strong copy-editing skills 

-Publication experience (either those who have published or who have served on an academic journal) will be an asset

-Proficiency in a classical Buddhist language (i.e., Chinese, Pali, Sanskrit or Tibetan) will be an asset

Interested applicants should send a copy of their CV and brief cover letter to the current editor, Dr. Sarah Haynes (Western Illinois University) s-haynes@wiu.edu by March 1, 2023. Please include “CJBS Editor Applicant” in the subject line of the email.

Please visit the CJBS’ website to preview previous publications.

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