Vinaya Studies at the 18th Congress of IABS, in Toronto

Studies of Buddhist monastic literature (vinaya) were in full swing at the 18th congress of the International Association of Buddhist Studies (IABS). This should not surprise anyone familiar with the current academic climate within Buddhist studies in the province of Ontario. This year, IABS took place in Toronto, Ontario from August 20th–25th. Having hosted a [...]


A new Sanskrit manuscript of the Bhaiṣajyavastu: Reflections on a lecture by JSPS Post-Doctoral Fellow Fumi Yao

On the ninth of March, 2017, the Religious Studies Department at McMaster University gathered together to attend a lecture from, and bid farewell to, Post-Doctoral fellow Dr. Fumi Yao. Originally from Japan, Yao has become a familiar face in Southern Ontario’s Buddhist Studies community over the last six years. Yao, who researches narratives found in [...]