A Reflection on the “Pre-Modern Japanese Buddhism: The Pure Land in Nara Schools Workshop” at McGill University (Sept 29, 2017)

By Jingjing Li and Shuyue He. On the 29th of September 2017, McGill University’s School of Religious Studies (SRS) convened a whole-day workshop “The Pure Land in the Nara Schools,” in the senior common room of Birks building. With the support of McGill’s Centre for Research on Religion (CREOR) and Numata Canada, SRS invited scholars [...]


Transmitting Buddhism in the Secular Setting: A Reflection on McGill’s School of Religious Studies’ Reading Group on The Making of Buddhist Modernism

On the sunny afternoon of April 24th, students and colleagues of the School of Religious Studies (SRS) at McGill University reunited at the Redpath Library for the third session of their reading group[1] on “Multiple Facets of Secularism.” Starting at 2 p.m., their discussion on David McMahan’s The Making of Buddhist Modernism lasted for two [...]