McGill University: Spring Reading Group: Facets of Secularism

2017 Inaugural Public Lecture by Professor Donald Lopez: Hyecho’s Journey: The World of Buddhism (Apr.17, 2017)

In the year 721, a young Buddhist monk named Hyecho set out from the kingdom of Silla, on the Korean peninsula, on what would become one of the most extraordinary journeys in the history of Buddhism. Sailing first to China, Hyecho continued to what is today Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran, before [...]

[Event Announcement] Presentation: The Emergence of Another Sanskrit Manuscript of the Bhaiṣajyavastu (Mar.9, 2017)

You're cordially invited to a presentation by Dr. Fumi Yao on March 9, 3:30pm, UH 122, McMaster University.

[Event Announcement] Numata Lectures at the University of Calgary (Mar.9 &10, 2017)

The Numata Chair in Buddhist Studies at the University of Calgary is pleased to present Two Talks by Professor Chen-kuo Lin (National Chengchi University)   The Annual Leslie S. Kawamura Memorial Lecture  "Emptiness and Violence: An Unexpected Encounter of Nāgārjuna with Derrida and Levinas" Thursday March 9, 7-9pm | Gallery Hall, Taylor Family Digital Library, [...]

buddhist monasteris mindfulness meditation mental institutions

[Event Announcement] Public Lecture: A Crazy History of Buddhism: On Buddhist Monasteries, Mental Institutions and Meditation/Mindfulness (Mar.16, 2017)

A public lecture by Professor James Robson (James C. Kralik and Yunli Lou Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations) at Emmanuel College of Victoria University in the University of Toronto. This lecture will be delivered in a way to accommodate both English and Chinese speakers. There has been increasing attention paid to the relationship between Buddhism [...]

mark rowe female priests japan buddhism

[Event Announcement] Public Lecture: Bikers, Widows, and Bodhisattvas – Female Priests in Japanese Buddhism by Mark Rowe (Mar.15, 2017)

This talk introduces three female Buddhist priests from different schools of Buddhism in different areas of Japan: A Shingon priest from Mt. Koya, a Pure Land priest from Tokyo, and a Nichiren priest from Sapporo. In response to the general trend in Buddhist studies to focus on exemplars of the tradition, I am concerned with [...]

numata lectures university of calgary

[Event Announcement] Numata Lectures at the University of Calgary (Feb. 3rd and 9th, 2017)

1) “Nirvāṇa as Permanence, Joy, Self, and Purity in a Medieval Chinese Buddhist Context” Wendi L. Adamek, Lecture for the China Interest Group Friday Feb. 3rd, 3:30-5:30pm Craigie Hall C 110 Abstract: Tathāgatagarbha (buddha matrix) doctrines concerning the actualization of universal buddha-nature potential could be considered to challenge fundamental Buddhist teachings about karma and non-self. [...]

[Event Announcement] UBC: Liturgy, Icon, and Text in the Development of Esoteric Buddhism (Feb.9, 2017)

Visualization is commonly regarded as the sine qua non of tantric Buddhist practice, and scholars have sought to trace the relationship between visualization and the use of images in the evolution of tantric or esoteric Buddhist ritual.  Thus, dhāraṇī scriptures have often been classified as ‘proto-tantric’ and marshaled to argue for the gradual interiorization of [...]

[Event Announcement] Public Lecture: Buddhism in Court: A Case Study of Puguang Nunnery in Dunhuang (Dec.15, 2016)

You're invited to Dr. Cuilan Liu's lecture "Buddhism in Court: A Case Study of Puguang Nunnery in Dunhuang" on Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. in Room UH 122, McMaster University.

[Event Announcement] UBC Public Lecture: The Science of Healing: Tibetan Medicine as Local Practice, National Heritage, and Global Brand (Nov.7, 2016)

Often translated as ‘the science of healing’ (sowa rigpa), Tibetan medicine is at once a diverse system of healing with ancient roots extending out from the Tibetan Plateau and a modern, globalizing ‘alternative’ therapeutics. The contemporary practice of Tibetan medicine is enmeshed within multiple, and sometimes conflicting, agendas: from the need to conserve medicinal plants [...]