Submission Policy

Want to write for us? We want to hear from you.

Who should submit?

CJBS News Blog is intended to be a space by and for graduate students of all Buddhist Studies specializations.

However, we also welcome submissions from interested people, including but not limited to:

  • Academics including post-doctoral researchers, early career researchers, tenure- and non-tenure track academics, part- and full-time employed academics and professors with relevant research experiences.
  • Non-academics who conduct independent research in Buddhist Studies.

What do we publish?

 The short answer is anything which can inform graduate students to better participate in the current academic conversations on Buddhist Studies in Canadian and international context. Entries sharing graduate students’ researching and teaching experiences are also welcome.

Your submission can fall into one or all of these categories below:

  • Information/reflection on events related to Buddhist scholarship (particularly though not exclusively in Canada)
  • New developments in graduate programs (particularly though not exclusively in Canada)
  • Reflections on fieldwork experience
  • Informal book reviews
  • Critical reflection on secondary literature in Buddhist studies
  • Graduate student experiences (e.g. challenges of teaching or TA work, mentorship, challenges related to employment prospects and career development)

The categories should be treated as suggestions instead of definite criteria. We are open to your stories and creativity as long as they align with the blog’s main purpose.

Submission guidelines

  • Word length. Entries will typically be between 500-1000 words, though longer pieces up to 2000 words/post can be considered depending on their depth and scope.
  • How to submit. Please send your submission to cjbs(at) as a Microsoft Word-compatible file or PDF document.
  • If your piece is accepted, we’ll ask you for (a) a 50-200 word byline telling us a little bit about you, including links to your twitter, blog or website if wanted, (b) suggested keywords for your article and (c) a CC-licensable image (if it’s possible).
  • If you want to be directly involved in the publishing process, we will send you an invitation to register as an author and you can start publishing your entry after it gets edited.
  • Anonymity: We’re happy to publish articles anonymously, but please indicate in which country/continent you’re pursuing your graduate studies, which year you’re in, and if possible, which subject or broad disciplinary area.

Editorial process

All articles are edited by a member of our editorial team and can be passed up to our Editor-in-Chief when needed. We’ll make suggested edits, and then send a copy back to you for approval. Only once you’re happy with the edits will we publish your work on the blog or you can directly post it to the blog. All work is attributed to the author in accordance with their wishes.


While blogging with CJBS News is a volunteer position, we offer an annual honorarium to people who commit for a year and beyond as a token of appreciation.

Having more questions? Contact us!