[Opportunity] BDK Fellowship for Foreign Scholars 2018 (Application Deadline: December 4, 2017)

The BDK Fellowship aims to promote international cooperation and mutual understanding in Buddhist studies, and is intended to enable researchers to engage in advanced research on Buddhism while in Japan.

Who is Eligible? (Must meet ALL of the following qualifications)

  1. Must be of non-Japanese nationality
  2. Must be under 40 years of age at the time of application
  3. Preferably advanced graduate students working toward a Ph.D. degree
  4. Must be able to engage in the academic study of Buddhism for one full year
  5. Must be affiliated with a Japanese university or research institute while in Japan

The 2018 BDK Fellowship application materials are now available here for downloading.
(Application must be received no later than December 4 , 2017.)

Fellowship Award

•Monthly scholarship payments of: ¥250,000 (for a single awardee)
¥300,000 (for an awardee with his/her accompanying family)※

•Additional Award benefits:

– Health insurance premium for coverage provided by a local government office in Japan (for recipient and his/her accompanying family, up to ¥30,000 per person)※
– Partial subsidy for domestic research travel and book purchases: ¥40,000 toward research travel and /40,000 toward book purchases.
– One round trip economy class air fare for the recipient(for a recipient already residing in Japan, a one-way return ticket)

※Please inquire with BDK about possible additional support for dependents which will be considered in special cases.

Application Procedure

Click here for more information.

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